Rear View Backup Camera Help

Selection of the proper camera can be crucial to obtaining a good backup system. Cameras vary widely in resolution, viewing angle, mounting options, and standard or Mirror image views. In order to allow you to choose the equipment that best suits your needs, We have selected the best suited cameras for rear view backup camera systems with the ability to mount them easily in the most effective position in your vehicle.

Before choosing a backup camera, you should check your vehicle for the best location for mounting.

Rear Facing Camera Examples:

Small Cars: Bumper (RVC4000)/Under Bumper(RVC5000,CCDMC,CCDMBW)/Trunk (RVC4000)

Trucks/SUVs: Bumper (RVC4000, CCDMC, CCDMBW) / Under Bumper (RVC5000, CCDMC, CCDMBW) / Hitch (CCDHC)

You can also mount the RVC5000 up high above the rear window.

Our sales and technical support staff can help you define what camera to use for the best performance in your vehicle. We can suggest specific backup cameras that will aid you in reverse and eliminate blind spots for you, now and for years to come. Call us at 877-700-4883, or email @